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Monday, March 27, 2006

Iceland Night in My Canadian Home

Expanding on an Iceland obsession helped along by ‘LazyTown’, Peter and Steve and I just watched ‘101 Reykjavik’ and ‘Noi Albinoi’ back to back. This was our substitute for actually visiting Iceland anytime soon, although that’s still on the big To-Do list.

These movies were strangely similar, both about young-ish men who weren’t growing well into responsibility or, well, much of anything. In '101' a thirty-year old partier still lives at home with the mother it turns out he doesn't know as much about as he thought. In 'Noi' an independently minded high school student doesn't fit in and really doesn't seem to mind until a girl comes to town who inspires him to look for more from life.

The first movie is heavy on sex and poetic reflections on life and death, the latter is visually gritty and heavy on the stretches of silence. Both were funny and engaging and very cool for different but similar reasons.

But as substitutes for an actual trip, I'm not sure these movies were the best choice. Here's what we learned about Iceland:

- Fathers there are alcoholic deadbeats or just plain mean
- Cars skid. A lot.
- They like their shotguns

None of which jives with LazyTown, so apparently we'll need to do more research.

Of course, we also learned that there's a city you can only get to using an underwater tunnel. So the To-Do list has become more detailed.

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  1. Did you know that if you put 'Shumpgullion' into google your page is the first result? You control the Shumpgullion market!

  2. I don't see no fathers in Lazy Town... just a sexually frustrated mayor and his heavy breasted assistant... He's Stephanie's uncle, not her dad!

  3. and your link to my page is missing the letter 'g'... just a broken code heads up... I'll get back to my thesis now!

  4. Good point about Stephanie's uncle... but maybe the reason she had to move to LazyTown in the first place is because her real father is a deadbeat alcholic!

    (And I fixed the link. And yes, you should get back to your thesis, I-wanna-be-a-doctor boy.)

  5. ... I was going to insult you for having a job but thats no way for the real mayor of lazy town to act ...