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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

It’s Been A Long Road, Putting Things Right That Once Went Wrong.

In the think tank’s Situation Room, said situation was grim. A wave of total gridlock was spreading through every major North American city as the threshold of too many people with too many cars had been reached.

Lydia slammed her fist down on the table.

“Dammit people, the modern world is relying on us to solve this!”

The others grumbled in frustration. For weeks they’d been trying to devise new ways to move people and they were getting nowhere. Worse, now all of their cars were blocked into the parking lot.

Intern Jim came in just then with another round of bottled water and the last of the coffee stir sticks. In the heavy silence he saw his opportunity to get noticed.

“There is one man who will know what to do,” he said from behind his pushcart.

Suddenly the young essay contest winner who’d brought them snacks since back when they were trying to figure out ways to make owning cars affordable to everyone seemed like a very important cog indeed.

Cautiously, afraid of one more failure, Lydia asked “Who are you thinking of?”

Jim beamed. “Why, only the first man to ever quantum leap and to use a transporter, both when they were in an unstable testing phase. If anyone can figure out how we can move people through space and time it’s him!”

The think tank sighed collectively, resigned to the end of the world.

“What?” said Intern Jim. “I’m serious. Scott Bakula will save us all.”

And then he did.

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  1. There is nothing Bakula can't do! NOTHING...

    I want to meet a gay anesthesiologist just like him... *sigh*