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Friday, March 10, 2006

The Old Mill Inn, Toronto

Traveling on the west end of Toronto’s subway line there comes a stretch of rail that bursts out of the underground into the fresh air and sunshine* to cross the Humber River. I’m always eager for that glance north at the enticing buildings on the banks of the Humber Valley. There’s one especially that I love, a big white building with brown trim that makes it look oh so much like you’re riding a toy train through some hobbyist’s beloved model town. Not so long ago Steve and I finally stopped at Old Mill Station and went to check out the picturesque (scale modelesque?) Old Mill Inn for ourselves.

One of our top criteria for choosing entertainment is that it needs to be cheap or free. If you’ve ever been to The Old Mill Inn you’re likely questioning how it fits into this category. I don’t actually know how much anything costs at ye Old Mill but as Steve so accurately put it, “If you have to ask you can’t afford it.” The beauty of the building however is that so much of the beauty is in the building itself.

We spent over an hour just wandering through the luxurious halls and peeking into any of the large event rooms that weren’t in use. For history buffs, the hallways are hung with a great assortment including paintings of fox hunts, military medals, an old land ownership agreement and everything in between. Of course even the armchairs and railings are beautiful, so there’s eye candy for more than just those with an eye to the past. The courtyards outside provide a wonderful walk as well, likely more so when it’s not winter. And if the grounds of the Inn aren’t enough for you, you can always take a finishing stroll through the Humber Valley. Anyone who found the land ownership document as interesting as we did should be geeky enough to want to read the City of Toronto historical plaque commemorating Hurricane Hazel as well.

Maybe someday we’ll head back for a spa treatment or Afternoon Tea, but in the meantime a simple wander through The Old Mill Inn made for a nice cheap date with a Toronto landmark.

*Depending on the hour of day and your definition of ‘fresh’.

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