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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Whatever Happened to Bohem C'est la Vie?

Weeks ago Steve and Pete and I caught a quick news item on the CBC about Champion Bohem C'est la Vie, a show dog who escaped from her cage at JFK International Airport on her way home from the Westminster dog show. The escape happened on February 15th of this year, but the report we were watching was a few weeks later. It was about how Vivi (as she's called) was still at large, having been spotted in various places all around New York. Whippets are fast dogs, like grey hounds, so it's not surprising that she'd eluded capture. At the time, while the three of us felt bad for the obviously upset owners, we were also entertained by the thought that this dog was probably having the time of her life. A 'Vivi Takes New York' sort of kids movie in the making.

But now it's been two months and Steve and I were wondering whatever became of this dog on the lam. This is where I think TV news fails so greatly - it can entice you into a story, but there's so rarely follow-up on something that isn't lead material. And if there is follow-up the chances of your timing being lucky enough to catch it are slim.

Enter the internet, saviour of people who want to Know More. I found a blog that is following the Vivi story, although as of yesterday they're switching to twice weekly updates instead of daily ones. It seems that Vivi is still at large, living large in the big city. So if you too want in on the continuing saga of Champion Bohem C'est la Vie, visit the Animal House Vivi Watch and revel in the wonder of modern technology that lets you keep tabs on a lost dog you've probably never seen.

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