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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A Little Negative Feedback Never Hurt Anyone...

Earlier this month I took the plunge and submitted my first full-length play to a small handful of theatres that had a formal development program or just a history of premiering new works. When the last of the fat envelopes was out of my hands I resigned myself to a long wait before I'd hear anything from anyone. Instead, the first reply was in my mailbox just a few days ago. I'll put an end to any suspense - the answer was no - but I'm still trying to decide what I should take away from that no. The letter was specific on what the reading team had liked about the script, but then it closed with a generic "however we will not be able to..." and an invitation to submit any future work.

Hearing what they liked was great, but there was nothing to indicate what it was they hadn't liked, so I don't know if their lack of interest was because of some flaw in the writing itself or if it was more a matter of it not fitting in with their mandate or upcoming seasons or whatever. So I've come away feeling encouraged to keep writing, but no better off in my knowledge of what to send this particular company. (For all I know, the invitation to submit future scripts may be the standard thing they say even if they weren't particularly taken with your first attempt).

I'm thrilled I got a response so quickly, and I'm even more thrilled that they took the time to give me the encouraging feedback that they did. Still, I wonder if I wouldn't have been better off with a little light lambasting, just so I'd know if I should be working on the script before I embark on a second round of submissions.

Of course, that won't be an issue if somebody else from Round One is interested...

Here's hoping. :)

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