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Saturday, February 17, 2007

New Additions, Part One: How We Blew a Computer Geek's Mind

Yesterday we went shopping for Steve's very first computer. After years of simply dropping by the library occasionally, he's become enamoured with my laptop (or The Grey Box, as we've nicknamed it).

So now we have a new computer in the house and a new computer owner who's adjusting nicely. Before that could happen however, this entertaining conversation had to take place:

Clerk: So, what kind of system do you currently have?

Steve: Oh, I don't.

Clerk: You... uh, you don't?

Steve: This is my first computer.

Clerk: So where do you keep all your files?

Steve: I don't have any.

Clerk: You don't have any, like, personal files?

Steve: No.

Clerk: But don't you have music, or pictures even?

Steve: I have pictures, just not on a computer.

Clerk: But...

Steve: I have photos.

Clerk: Oh, okay, so you're a photographer...

Steve let the conversation move forward without correction while I stifled a giggle. The clerk didn't look as though he could have been younger than twenty-five, but apparently he couldn't fathom the average person owning photos that weren't digital.

I wish I'd seen the clerks's face when Steve asked him about the possibility of converting LPs. In fact I wish I'd had my digital camera.


  1. Anonymous8:43 am

    Oh, that's a hoot! Makes me want to go to an electronics store and engage a young person on the subject of eight-track tapes and 33 and 45 rpm records. 8-))

  2. Oo, that would be fun! The thing that really surprised me is that I'm not much older than the clerk was, but I own some of the LPs we're hoping to convert.

    I'm beginning to wonder if I could have easily had this same conversation with one of my friends, or if just a couple of years can make all the difference.