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Friday, November 21, 2008

You're Sh*ting Me! (Or, Another Reason to Love the Internet)

I don't usually watch Grey's Anatomy, but we've been taping this season for my busy aunt and with our set-up you can't watch another channel. So on Thursday nights I've generally had one eye on Meredith and her wacky gang, and another on my computer screen.

On last night's episode a woman was diagnosed with c.difficile and was prescribed a fecal transplant - they were going to put a tube down her throat and shoot some of her boyfriend's poop into her digestive system, so she could have his good bacteria. I immediately turned to Steve and said "Do you think that's real?"

Cut to three hours later. I go to my Google homepage where, along with everything else, I installed the Hot Trends widget that tells you what is suddenly popular in Google searches. And there, sitting at number two (pardon the pun), was "fecal transplants". It's neat to know that so many other people turned and wondered "Is that real?" at the same time I did.

This morning, "fecal transplants" is still at number nine. And if you're wondering, yes, apparently fecal transplants are real. According to a CBC story from just over a year ago, "Don't poo-poo technique: Fecal transplant can cure superbug, doctors say", the procedure was then being performed by a handful of Canadian doctors and more in the States, although they mention using an enema. Which seems only slightly less icky, but also a far less amusing procedure for Dr. Karev to explain.

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