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Monday, April 17, 2006

'Festen' on Broadway?

When I saw 'Festen' many moons ago, I was enthralled not only by the story, but also by how powerful a Dogme 95 film could be. A few weeks ago I told a friend he should see the movie and when I said the title he said, "You mean that Broadway show?", which was news to me.

I'm sure the minimal nature of the film is what allowed it to be transferred easily to the stage. What I'm not sure about is how well the intimacy can be maintained in the 1000plus-seat Music Box Theatre. Being visually jerked back and forth as Michael and Mette screamed in their room, or lingering on the grinning faces singing to Gbatokai - these were the things that I thought made the film really work. Without them, I'm not sure if it will seem as believable or if many of the characters will retain their redeemability, Michael especially.

I won't get to see the stage version unless it comes to Toronto, but if anyone has seen it on Broadway or in London please feel free to leave a comment on how well you think the change of medium worked.

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