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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A World Without Elvii

Today on the radio I heard a bit of news slipped in between traffic reports and pop songs that filled me with dread and rage and shame. My co-workers seemed not to have heard, or perhaps they didn't comprehend. Perhaps none of us can comprehend the true impact - not yet.

A short time ago, billionaire Bob Sillerman bought the rights to the image of Elvis Presley. He does not own the music or the artifacts, but he does own the icon. Now he has laid out his plan to start an Elvis cabaret show in Las Vegas and to make any other public impersonations of Elvis illegal.

This is where ideas of ownership cross the line. The music Elvis created should only make money for the people he has left those rights to or the people they choose to sell them to. But the idea of Elvis? The notion of Elvis? That belongs to everyone.

Impersonation is a time-honoured tradition, and Elvis Impersonation is the king among them all. I hope Mr. Sillerman decides to step back some and leave Elvis in the control of the masses who love him. Otherwise, there may be some sequin-heavy marching in the streets.

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