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Friday, September 15, 2006

He Remembers When, He Remembers When He Lost His Mind - "The Eden Express"

Usually when I read an excellent book, I'm happy I did. This time, I'm not so sure.

I just finished an old thrift store copy of Mark Vonnegut's "The Eden Express". It's a compelling and strangely charming first person account of discovering you have schizophrenia, written by the son of Kurt Vonnegut.

So what's my problem? Vonnegut remembers quite well how his brain was working while he was insane, so he lays out his wacky logic and his universe-shrinking philosophies of the time - and it all made perfect sense to me.

I'm hoping this is a testament to Vonnegut's skills as a writer and not a comment on my state of mind.

I plan to give the book to a friend of mine who I think will dig it. Then I'll ask him how much sense the insane parts made.

And no, that doesn't mean I'm using him as a guinea pig. I wouldn't buy a small pet beer.

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