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Saturday, September 16, 2006

How To Make It In(to) Canadian Theatre

I have a theory.

If you ever need to get backstage in a large theatre in Canada, just follow these simple steps:

1. Dress all in black. Not robber-black -- techie black. Black jeans, a black t-shirt and an optional black baseball cap work well.

2. Hang a few things off your belt. A flashlight and a lot of keys should do.

3. (And this is the key.) You'll need five large Tim Hortons coffees, four in a tray in one hand, and a single in the other.

4. Now stand beside any door, and it will be opened for you. Such is the magic of Tim's, and the addiction-level of theatre folks.

If you ever need to get backstage at a small theatre, I'd suggest you just yank on every door you can find. Worked for me.


  1. I have the same theory for just about any movie theater. Just show up in black pants, black shoes, and a white button down shirt. Have the shirt slightly untucked to look like you are on break. Then you can walk right past the dude at the ticket station. If he asks you, you can simply say you are new. Walk with purpose, as if you belong there. Then once past him, just duck into any theater. The turn-over rate for movie theater employees is so high that no one will question you too much. They will just assume you are the new guy that works the shifts they don't usually work.


  2. Now if we could only figure out the proper attire to walk confidently into chocolate factories. THAT would be sweet!

    (Pun entirely intended)