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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I Wish I Had a Protective Layer to Buffer Harmful Commercials.

A few months back I saw an actor buddy of mine just after he went to a commercial audition. He didn't expect he'd gotten it, which was fine with him since he didn't think the finished ad was going to be all that funny.

He was right, he didn't get it, and now the commercial is on the air. It features a boy in a bubble finally being allowed his first kiss, trying to chew some gum before he does, and squiriting the liquid centre everywhere. He is promptly resealed in his bubble, sans any lip-lock lovin'.

Now from blog-surfing to http://scidada.blogspot.com/ I've learned that the ad is about to be pulled for being generally inconsiderate to people who really do have severe immunodeficiencies.

That's great, but I'm also glad it's being pulled for a much more basic reason - my buddy was right about this, too; it's simply not funny.

Why is it that so often bad ads can stick around for months or even years, while a show like "Wonderfalls" only gets four episodes?

Le sigh.

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  1. Wouldn't it be great if Jerry Seinfeld was put in charge of writing all commercials on TV?