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Sunday, January 07, 2007

It Never Rains, It Pours (but in a good way)

What's the positive version of that expression, "it never rains, it pours"? The version that suggests you've been waiting through a drought and - thank god - water is finally cascading from the sky so fast and furious you feel like stripping down and dancing in it?

After meeting an end of November playwriting deadline, December seemed to disappear into a blur of work shifts, holidays, and a general lack of writing focus. I got nothing done. Then this month started with signing up for the First Annual AbsoluteWrite Playwrighting Workshop (discussed in this post here). I made the ludicrous public goal of writing three plays before the end of February - two one-acts for younger audiences and one full-length. It actually sounded doable, since I had detailed outlines of both the one-acts already done.

But then came a phone call. Back in the muddled haze of December I'd tried to get in touch with a local theatre about a funding program and never made contact. I'd given up, but on Friday my call was finally returned and suddenly those two detailed outlines are being submitted in hopes that I'll get some front-end financial support to take the time to do them right. This is wonderful, of course, but it also means I have to wait until I get the results of my application to write them. Suddenly I'm pulling out other less prepared ideas I have to try and get some first drafts ready for this end of February goal.

Then, also on Friday, came a few interesting emails. Now I've got a meeting tonight with some university friends to help them sort out the logistics of making a few short films they've apparently been working on. At that same meeting (which is at a pub, involving beer) will be another university friend who's finally ready to go ahead and do some filming for his pet project that I've been the writer on for the past few years.

I went from having no idea what to write to having a half-dozen or so projects push their way to the forefront.

Come rain, come. It's been a long, dry December and I'm ready to dance. Nekkid.


  1. Ooo, I'm curious to know more about your meetings. Do tell more when you have the time!...

  2. We should go for coffee or something, since you only work ten minutes from my house. I'll email you soon.