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Sunday, July 08, 2007

I'm not usually a huge Madonna fan...

But I've always enjoyed her music when someone else puts it on. I've also always respected her musicality and her showmanship. Watching her Wembley Stadium finale during Live Earth I was especially taken in by the latter after watching a day's worth of folks who mostly seemed to not understand the performance aspect of "performing live".

So there I was, enjoying Madonna playing guitar and utilizing her many tightly choreographed dancers, when she announced some friends of hers were going to join her for the next song. And when she said who they were, I very nearly wet myself.

I discovered Gogol Bordello after watching "Everything is Illuminated". The lead singer plays a wonderfully memorable character, so I was quick to look him up on IMDB. That led to his band's website and my watching all the videos of them I could find online.

One of greatest things about Madonna is her willingness to let other people on stage with her shine, and that they did. If you missed Madonna's performance in Live Earth, and especially if you've never heard of this raucous gypsy punk band, do be sure to let the magic of Youtube bring you this joy.

La Isla Bonita at Live Earth

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  1. Anonymous2:54 pm

    Cool Beans! Thanks for the link. I missed her Live Earth performance.

    I've always liked Madonna's spunk and her musical range -- she's a heck of a singer, dancer, and performer, and she's done some reeeeelly cool songs.