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Friday, July 25, 2008

Where does a year go? Oh right, that's where.

Getting hired to be the About.com Guide to Toronto has been awesome for my professional writing-ness, but not so good for the personal projects such as, oh say, this blog.

I realize plenty of pro writers maintain a much more vibrant writing career and an often very vibrant personal blog but, what can I say - I'm just not that organized. Actually, it's more like I'm just not that efficient. However as my non-fiction writing has gotten faster and more fluid (only took eight months) , I finally find myself ready to get back into my own stuff at the same time. So here's the blog back with a new look and a quick year-in-review:

- Decided to move rather than wait-and-see when our landlord announced he was selling the house (boo); ended up in a much nicer apartment and neighbourhood that's actually cheaper (yea!)

- Took up birding and wildlife photography (huzzah!), but I'm still not very good at either (doh)

- Didn't see my friends nearly often enough (sorry guys), but now live closer to my family (hi mom!)

- And as previously mentioned, I didn't finish any new creative writing projects (Gah! What the hell is that about?!?), and yet for the first time don't feel as though I have to justify referring to myself as a writer (okay, so that's kind of nice)

So that's the summary. Hopefully it won't be the last post I make until 2009.

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