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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Meerkat Cliffhanger

I just caught the conclusion of the first "Meerkat Manor" series, and I'm not impressed. I know season-ending cliffhangers are common in fiction, but nature documentaries? That's just not right. This isn't a question of "Did the fictional President get shot, or one of his fictional staff?" This is real, man.

What the hell happened to Shakespeare? Is he dead in the burrow, or what?

Actually, I assumed he was dead, until I did a little internet search and saw this on the Southern Star Group website (emphasis mine):
In Production 2006

Meerkat Manor 2 (13 x 30’) for Animal Planet International.
The continuing adventures of the Whiskers gang as they battle out their tough existence in the Kalahari desert. Will Flower be able to hold on to her position as the dominant female? And where is Shakespeare? These questions and more will be answered in the second series of this hit animal soap opera.

They have an answer to that question? They have an answer and they didn't already give it to us???

(Okay, yeah, I'm hooked on an animal soap opera. What can I say? Their daily lives are way more interesting than any episode of Survivor.)

Quick Link
Southern Star Group - In Production page

Edited June 26, 2006 to add:

I've seen a lot of hits on this entry from people searching for info on the fate of Shakespeare. Please, even if you're a total stranger, feel free to use the comments section of this blog to add your thoughts.

Do YOU think Shakespeare made it?

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  1. Have you ever actually watched Survivor? And remember that Survivor is an animal soap opera... we are ANIMALS Marilyn... ;-)

  2. Oh, I've seen Survivor. Not the current series, but I saw all of the first one and periodic episodes since.

    And yes, I guess Survivor is an animal soap opera, but the adventures of those particular animals are so ridiculous in comparision - and not ridiculous in the good way.

    If Shakespeare is dead, he died protecting the four youngest pups from an attack by the head of a rival family of meerkats looking to expand their territory. Come on, what sort of whiny, scheming attempt to win an immunity challenge could compare to that?